Comprehensive Executive Cover Insurance scheme

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Executive Cover Insurance

Our Covers
  • Loss of life from an accident in Cyprus or abroad.
  • Luggage cover during a trip.
  • Medical expenses.
Aimed at
  • Management personnel of companies, organisations or the public service. Lawyers, doctors, architects, civil engineers.
  • Professionals who often travel abroad.
  • Permanent residents of Cyprus.
  • Persons aged 20-65.
  • All year cover in Cyprus or abroad.
  • Coverage of an unlimited number of voyages.
  • Protection of the family or the insured person's business at low cost.
  • Tax exemption of the insurance premiums. The premiums that relate to the loss of life from an accident are exempted from tax and this means a significant decrease of the net cost of insurance.

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Personal Accident Insurance protects family or business income at low cost.

Our Plans


  Insurance Plans

Loss of life from an accident

€ 175.000

€ 350.000

Luggage cover

€ 1.750

€ 3.500

Medical expenses

€ 1.750




Insurance Premiums

€ 167* / € 186** |  € 322* / € 356**



* Premium payment via direct debit in one instalment or to a credit card.
** Premium payment by more than one instalment.
Note: stamp of €2 applies.

Genikes Insurance is the choice for you.

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