Genikes App

Genikes Insurance customers can now file a Claim for damage to their vehicle related to a windshield or other damage provided that no third-party vehicle is involved, through the Genikes App, easily, swiftly, and without delays.

At the same time, Genikes App continues to… find you wherever you are. With the Genikes App, roadside assistance reaches you at the touch of a button! Using GPS tracking, Genikes App can pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle. So, in case of an accident or need for roadside assistance, Genikes App will locate you via GPS and the roadside assistance service will reach you wherever you are.

In addition, Genikes App includes useful phones, information about Genikes Insurance products and branch locations, and the ATMs and branche locations for Bank of Cyprus.

Genikes App is available free of charge through the App Store and Google Play. Accident Care and Roadside Assistance services are only available to Genikes Insurance customers.

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