Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve had an accident with my car. How can you help me?

Don’t worry!  In the event of a car accident or breakdown (battery/petrol /tyres etc.), call the 24-hour Motor Assistance helpline directly.  

We will soon be with you to record the event, take photos and, if necessary, tow your vehicle.

I would like to insure my home. Is there cover for home contents?

I would like to insure my home. Is there cover for home contents?

It’s time to feel secure about your home! Yes, we do offer home contents cover. We give you the option of choosing between five insurance Plans:


  • Home Burglary

  • Home Flexible

  • Home Basic

  • Home Plus

  • Home Superior

See the covers offered by our Home Insurance Plans here.

I’d like to insure my vehicle. Does the cover include accident care?

Yes, accident care is included in all our plans. We give you the option of choosing between 6 insurance plans:

  • Third Party Plus
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Plus
  • Comprehensive Plus
  • Comprehensive Superior
  • Third Party Web
  • Comprehensive Web

See the covers offered by our Motor Insurance Plans here

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I’m preparing to go on a trip and would like to get insured. Does travel insurance cover the loss of, damage to or destruction of luggage?

Yes, travel insurance covers the loss of, damage to or destruction of luggage. Now you can explore new destinations fearlessly and safely! We give you the option of choosing between three insurance Plans for adults and one for children.


You can complete the purchase of your Insurance Policy online via our website.

Does hunters’ insurance include gun insurance?

Yes, hunters’ insurance allows the option of insuring a gun.

The time has come to enjoy your hobby without stress!  We offer comprehensive Hunters’ Insurance schemes. We give you the option of choosing between three insurance plans which cover:

  • Death
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary total disablement for work
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of, damage to or destruction of the gun

To complete the purchase of your Insurance Policy online, via our website, click here.

Is there insurance to cover Medical expenses?

Yes, you can take out Personal Accident insurance which includes medical expenses. It covers payment of expenses relating to hospitalisation at a hospital or clinic as an internal patient after an accident or illness.

Learn more here

How can I renew or amend my insurance?

You can go ahead with the renewal or amendment of your insurance at any time.

  • For Motor Insurance or Home Insurance you can call 8000.87.87 to speak to a customer service officer. 
  • For any other Insurance you can call 2212 8700.
How can I pay for my Insurance Premium?

We provide various ways to pay for your insurance premium. You can complete payment in the following ways:

  • By direct debit order (SEPA Direct Debit Mandate).

Print and fill out the relevant form (here) and send via Email to or hand over to your insurance intermediary (if applicable). Please note that in the event the bank account holder that you declared for payment happens to be a different person, the relevant Mandate must be signed by the account holder.

I can’t pay for my Insurance Premium. What can I do?

In the event that payment by direct debit order (SEPA) is not possible, there will be a repeated attempt. If your bank account number has changed, you can contact us at 8000.87.87 to amend the details by declaring the IBAN of your new account. 

I need to make a Claim. What should I do?

Tell us about your Claim straightaway in one of the following ways:

  • Click on the "Claims" above.
  • You can call 22128700 to speak to a claims officer.
I want to make a complaint. What can I do?

What should I do if I need to make a complaint

If you have a complaint relating to your insurance contract or the service provided by us or by one of our associates, please let us know as soon as possible.  We take all complaints very seriously and, in order to deal with your complaint efficiently and effectively, we have put in place the following complaints procedure:

Get in touch

Please submit your complaint by filling out the «Complaint Form» which you can download here and send it by E-mail ( or by post (Evrou 4, Strovolos 2003, Nicosia).


When your complaint is received we will send a confirmation within two working days. Your complaint will be handled by specialized members of our staff fairly, and without prejudice. 


Within 15 working days you will receive a written reply informing you of the results of our investigation. In the event that we need more than 15 working days to investigate a complaint, we will inform you accordingly, in due time, explaining the reasons for the delay.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the reply to my complaint

Should the answer you receive not be to your satisfaction, please contact us and let us know the reasons why you are not satisfied. You may also retain your right to pursue your complaint via an appeal to the Financial Ombusdman ( or by taking legal measures.