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Home Flexible / Web

The Home Flexible Plan provides cover against basic risks such as fire, smoke damage, lightning, gas/boiler explosion and is flexible since it offers the option to include additional covers such as earthquake, storm damage, flooding and theft following a break-in.

Home Flexible is also available for purchase online, on this website. 

Home Basic / Web

Home Basic is the Plan which covers all basic risks of a home. Amongst others it provides cover against fire, smoke damage, lightning, gas/boiler explosion, earthquake, storm damage, flooding, malicious damage, water or fuel leaks, hot water tanks and theft following a break-in.

Home Basic is also available for purchase online, on this website. 


Home Plus / Web

Home Plus is a complete insurance Plan providing all the basic covers and additionally: protection against inflation, loss of rent, relocation expenses, civil liability cover of up to €90.000 for the owner/tenant and compensation based on replacement value.

It also provides free Home Assistance which makes life easier for the policyholder concerning everything that can happen in the home, whether urgent or not. The service is available in emergency situations 24 hours a day. With one phone call a technical expert will be sent out to you for any urgent repairs of damages to your home, such as a plumbing, electrical, locks, window panes (with an upper limit of €150 for each event and up to a maximum of three events in each 12-month insurance period).  The service is there for you in case of emergencies, 24 hours a day.

Home Plus is also available for purchase online, on this website. 

Home Superior / Web

Home Superior is the Plan offering the most extensive cover and is probably the most comprehensive insurance Plan on the market. In addition to the cover offered by all the Plans above, it also offers cover against theft (without a break-in), window and mirror breakage, automatic reinstatement of the insured amount (following a Claim) and replacement of locks. Upgraded Home Superior Plan Leaflet

The Home Superior plan offers the 24hr Home Assistance service, free.

Home Superior is also available for purchase online, on this website. 


Home Burglary

The Home Burglary Plan provides very low-cost cover against a break-in and is an excellent insurance option for tenants and flat-owners who want to insure contents and valuable objects.  In addition to cover against theft it also provides cover against fire and smoke damage.

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The Home Plus and Home Superior plans offer the 24hr Home Assistance service, free.

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